Preparing God's people to work with Him

What is The Training Ground?

The Training Ground is a course designed by a group of evangelical churches in East London to help Christians of every sort both to grasp God’s word and to share it more clearly – whether at home, at work, at church or wherever you are

The first Training Ground programme began in September 2015, and will finish this July.

Would you like to join the next two year programme?

At Home

At Work

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Course Details

With God’s help we plan to repeat the course again over the next two years, beginning in September 2017 and finishing in July 2019.

There will be 18 sessions per year on alternate Saturday mornings during term time, from 8.30 am to 11.00 am. The course takes place at Osborne Square Church in Dagenham.

Course Fees

The course costs £240 per person for the full two years. This includes not only the teaching but also textbooks, course notes for each session, tea, coffee and biscuits. Recordings and notes can be accessed on our website.

Costs can be paid in annual or termly instalments. If you want to participate but have a problem with the cost, please let us know.


Over the two year programme we cover six main topics, three in each year

First Year SEP 2017 TO JULY 2018

Second Year SEP 2018 TO JULY 2019

We are really excited that 32 people of very different ages and backgrounds have completed the course this time.

  • "I feel that doing The Training Ground has deepened my understanding of the Bible and my relationship with God."

  • "I would definitely recommend it to others. It is a really good way of spending Saturday to learn God's word as well as having the rest of the afternoon for family and relaxing."

  • "It's a slow burn training course. Once you're into the second year, you see the value and benefit of the first year."


If you have questions. Please contact us: